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Business Cards of the future? Introducing the Moo Business Card+

Moo NFC business cards+

Moo’s “Business Card+” is a smart business card. It incorporates an NFC (Near Field Communications) chip, making it so much more than a pretty piece of paper.

The NFC chip is programmable, allowing you to link your business card to your website; your social media accounts, or even download your Spotify playlist…

Tap NFC card to your phone to trigger an action

Just hand over your card and your new acquaintance can tap it against their NFC compatible device and what happens next is up to you. Watch as their device either navigates to your website, connects with your social media profiles, adds you on LinkedIn, opens your Spotify playlist, downloads your app, adds you to an video conference or routes them to your office with Citymapper – the possibilities are vast, and the options for actions are growing.

You can change the action of the card at any time without having to order a new batch; you just log in and change what you want your ‘tappers’ to see.

Select your NFC actions online

As novel as it is to be able to hand out an ‘interactive’ business card, it’s pointless if you don’t know how it’s performing… So here’s the cool part: you can track the data using Moo’s own real-time analytics data, seeing how people are interacting with your card. No longer will you wonder if that potential big client just took your card out of politeness just to stuff in their wallet never to see the light of day again…
Track your taps, see who's using your cards.

Will Moo’s “Business Card+”  succeed where QR codes have failed? Requiring the use of non-standard apps with a short but steep learning curve for your average user, QR codes promised a lot but never quite delivered. With NFC, all the user needs to do is tap and their phone does the rest. In an age where convenience and speed is of the essence, this seems to be a major selling point.

So are there any potential downfalls? Well, the major setback at the moment is the lack of support for Apple’s popular iPhone. The latest iPhones have NFC hardware, but Apple has locked it down only to be used for Apple Pay. That doesn’t mean to say NFC isn’t growing; major brands like Coca-Cola are experimenting with it in their packaging and sometimes feature on digital street advertising. It is assumed that Apple will enable this feature in the future, once Apple Pay has matured. Maybe this will be the catalyst for this clever little card’s ultimate success. For now though, watch this space… And if you want us to design some for you, drop us a line!

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