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Why use WordPress for your website?

We use the WordPress web platform for our own website, and all of our client’s websites, too. We believe WordPress is the best web platform to use and this blog post sheds some light on why.

WordPress is the world’s favourite web platform

More than half of the websites in the world are WordPress websites, and as a result the technical community is pretty big. What this means for developers is it’s very easy to find a solution for any number of challenges within a project, but more importantly what this means from a client’s perspective is that the answer to most requests is often ‘yes’…

More people understand WordPress than any other platform

If you’re employing new staff, the likelihood is they’ll need some training. With WordPress being so widely used, the likelihood of your new staff already being familiar with the WordPress CMS is extremely high, meaning they can get straight on with their work!

Extremely user-friendly and user-customisable

WordPress is incredibly user-friendly out of the box, but it’s also customisable, which is where it truly comes into its own. Unique user roles can be created and customised to allow you to set up editors, authors or contributors with only the options they need, and none that they don’t. This means the risk of things being broken is reduced massively, but also gives a clean CMS to work with that doesn’t crowd your screen with unnecessary features.

Search engine friendly

WordPress websites can achieve a very positive index status with search engines; and are easy to ‘optimise’ with very simple, logical techniques to make content more accessible to both search engines and humans. From correctly named and tagged images, through to page word count, correct site structure and even specifying the right keywords for content, WordPress is very search engine friendly.

Mobile friendly and responsive

WordPress is very good for supporting mobile friendly behaviour. There are three main reasons why having a mobile friendly and responsive website is crucial:

  1. Responsive websites mean cleaner web code, which in turn can mean faster loading of pages.
  2. One set of responsive code as opposed to three different ‘versions’ of a site will rank better with search engines.
  3. This is the main point: so many people use their mobile device for browsing the internet that if they land on a non-mobile friendly site, the likelihood of them leaving immediately is extremely high.


The notion of a timeless website is surely unheard of; the rate at which web technology evolves makes it nearly impossible to build a timeless website, but we like the idea. The cleanliness of the WordPress platform, combined with the endless amount of support and documentation, combined with continuous development and evolution, makes the process of keeping a website up-to-date very achievable. We look after all of the websites we build as part of a managed web hosting service called Winterhost, and in doing so we’re able to keep out client’s sites current, up-to-date, and running smoothly.

We could go on… but if you have any specific questions relating to WordPress, or a web project in general, we’d be happy to answer your questions. Contact us here.

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