AG Surveys website

AG Surveys are a Bristol-based surveying company. Using state-of-the-art equipment, their highly skilled team has a long-standing reputation for providing exceptional service. We designed and built a new, contemporary website for them, reflecting their values and presenting their fascinating case studies and news articles to their audience.

The homepage features striking header imagery for instant visual impact. The navigation bar features drop-down menus for easy navigation around the site. Turning from transparent to opaque when scrolled, this design feature makes all content instantly accessible, without detracting from the impact of the design. All-important social media links are presented to the top right of the window, inviting visitors to interact with the brand.

A hero intro against a strong blue background welcomes the visitor to the site. This is followed by regular body copy and a striking overview of services. Below the featured services is a striking list of the company values, formatted as a bullet point list but cleverly coded to display as an alternating list of impactful tick boxes.

A complementary colour scheme of blue and white and the use of subtle animation are two of the recurring design features used throughout the site, enhancing the user experience and delivering strong aesthetics.

The About page features striking ‘info boxes’ to tell the company’s story. They allow the client to combine an image with a short body of text which then automatically lays out correctly; the client simply edits their content and the code lays it out correctly for them.

The Team page showcases the people behind the company, presented in a three-column grid of profile images. Clicking on each person leads to pop-ups containing their biography.

A two-column drop-down menu in the navigation bar below the Services label results in each page being ‘tier two’. This is excellent for Search Engine Optimisation and also ensures accessibility and positive user experience.

The Services overview page presents the services in a three-column grid, allowing the visitor to see at least six services at any one time (on desktop displays). Clicking each service results in further information, through formatted text, embedded pop up image galleries and videos. Links to related content are presented at the bottom of each page, encouraging further exploration of the site.

All images throughout are retina display friendly, guaranteeing crisp visuals on HD screens. Our advanced image compression also ensures these images are always presented at the correct size, no matter what screen size is being used to browse the website.

A News page is crucial for communicating up-to-date, relevant information to visitors and allows them a further insight into the business. The news section presents the content in a grid format, incorporating titles, images, date published and text excerpts to give the reader a quick overview of the article, with the all important link to read more.

A Contact page includes an embedded map with a map marker pin, as well as calls to action using direct links to email and phone. An easy-to-use contact form allows quick consumer to business communication, and a GDPR compliant statement increases the incentive for visitors to get in touch, without the worry of being bombarded by spam emails.

The website is, of course, mobile-friendly and fluid-responsive, ready for on-the-go browsing – meaning high-quality content and impactful design aren’t reserved for desktop users only.

To experience the site for yourself, visit