B2B website: Cooke Components

Cooke Components Ltd are a UK-based distributor of bicycle components, and we take care of their B2B website. Selling to an expanding network of both independent and chain bicycle stores in the UK, the business required a carefully considered website.


B2B website requirements

Designing a B2B website requires more consideration than an e-commerce website… with an e-commerce site, all products have an RRP, whereas with a B2B site, product prices can vary depending on quantity purchased. We came up with a solution that allows logged in users to access different levels of pricing based on the quantity they decide to purchase. The pricing options and break points are absolutely adjustable by the client, allowing them to specify the quantities for each price breaks, not just the individual prices.

Bespoke design solutions

We solved every challenge within the brief, and with a website like this there are many… The site has a dealer login button that sits in the correct position on all screen sizes. Dealer login functionality incorporates an “I forgot my password” feature, as well as locking out rogue login attempts, protecting the site from Malware and hacking. The login button even changes colour to contrast with the background behind it.


The site provides our own intuitive product management system, allowing the client to upload their own content, manage pricing, images and other data relating to their products. Our product management system is also Google Product Feed compliant, where required.

How the Cooke Components B2B website looks in the content management system

Product results can be filtered to minimise unnecessary scrolling to find the product you’re looking for. This is particularly helpful when the inventory of products is thousands of products long, and many fall into the same category.

B2B website product results filtering example

Every product has it’s own detail page, which can include product data, product images (with added zoom-in functionality), and of course the buying options (with custom quantity pricing options).


The website’s B2B shopping basket allows for easy quantity selection; many dealers purchase units in bulk, so we created a facility to allow quantities to be manually entered into quantity fields. Items can be added and subtracted from the basket too, and each line price is automatically calculated based on the quantity requested.

An array of VEL products added to the basket


As with any bespoke website, the Cooke Components website continues to evolve. Thanks to our clean and robust coding it’s easy for us to add new functionality to sites on an ongoing basis, either in response to new trends or customer feedback.

You can visit the Cooke Components public site at www.cookecomponents.co.uk, but only visitors with a Cooke Components login will be able to access the B2B site.