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We were approached by Bath Bespoke for a re-design and re-build of their website back in 2013. We created a beautiful responsive website for them, and since then we’ve continued to maintain and develop more features in keeping with today’s constantly evolving web trends.

In November 2015 the Bath Bespoke website was re-launched, with some cracking new features.

Bath Bespoke website design and build

To summarise Bath Bespoke in a few words, they are total experts in extremely beautiful, bespoke carpentry and joinery. Their work is excellent. They create stunning kitchens, outstanding made to order furniture, bespoke hardwood flooring, and of course exceptional joinery… Think oak and metal… Then think unique character and ubiquitous taste. So this was the main driving force behind the design brief, and remains so for the upkeep of their brand.

Below: the website post launch, back in 2013; fully responsive, open, clean and minimalistic.

Responsive Website Design Layouts

Key features of the website

The new features we added in November 2015 include:

1) Wider content area for all pages

With screens becoming bigger and higher definition, it was essential for the site to make use of the space offered by larger displays. We increased the content area and allowed various full width elements to permeate the design

Bath Bespoke Website 3

2) A cross referencing feature

We’ve created a feature that allows for cross-browsing; pages that need to link to related content can do so using attractive, visual links:

Bath Bespoke Website Home Features

3) New styling for pull quotes

Grand Designs Pull Quote

4) Product overview layouts that support all screen sizes

Bespoke Web Design Bristol

5) A call to action feature (proven to increase customer enquiries)

Call to Action design

6) Revisions to the layout and functionality the blog

Blog Design


We also added our all new responsive image viewer pop up gallery. This is an exceptionally well crafted piece of coding from Andy, our developer.

The pages on the site can accommodate galleries of images that pop up into full screen slideshows that:

  • support all screen sizes
  • allow for image titles captions and links to be included for each image
  • work beautifully on all screen sizes
Full screen image gallery design

The design of the Bath Bespoke website are best viewed on the site itself, so please visit it at