Battle of Ideas website

The Battle of Ideas website was a milestone project both for Winter Design and for the client, the Institute of Ideas. The event, hosted by the Barbican, is attended by thousands of people each year and the old website wasn’t even mobile friendly…

So what did we come up with?

A flexible design for diverse content

The website needed to display a broad range of content, from information about debates at the event, to ticket information and lists of speakers. As a result we needed to design a number of flexible elements that could work together in various places, as well as on their own.


A scrolling home page to accommodate rich content

The home page design accommodates a selection of the content from the site, allowing the visitor to delve straight in to the main information directly from the home page. At the top of the home page we placed a striking, full-width introductory image with a chevron mask to welcome the visitor, then simultaneously direct them further down the page to more content, where they’d find things like as key event sponsor logos, featured speakers, an overview of sessions, a mailing list sign up, and a responsive pull quote carousel.

Striking call to action

You can’t miss this striking button style; it’s big and it’s bold. We coded in a button style so the client could add any number of calls to action on the site, whether that’s ‘Buy Tickets Now’ or ‘View Speakers’, the intension with this is to convert visits to interaction. A prominent, striking call to action on a web page is highly likely to enhance the user journey, reduce bounce rate and encourage visitors to interact with content.


A responsive programme section

The core event runs across two days, and the debates are categorised both by theme and ‘strand’. The programme therefore shows all events in time and date order, but is filterable by date, strand and theme. Attendees interested in debates on the theme of Economics, for example, would be able to find these very easily. Attendees with a particular interest in the strand ‘Battle for America’ could view only these debates, and those only attending on one of the two days would be able to view debates just on that day, then refine the results further by theme or stand. When using the programme page on a mobile device at the event itself, the chronological display of all events was particularly helpful when choosing which debate to attend.

Site search

All content on the site is searchable via a search icon in the header area.

A directory of people

Each speaker has their own profile page with information and social media links, as well as links to related debates. The people overview page shows all speakers, but key speakers can also be displayed as embedded links in any page.


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