Curator website

Based in Jakarta, Indonesia, Curator seeks out beautiful homewares, showcased alongside inspiring interior-design articles. We were excited to design and build them a new website, with good design at its forefront and an aesthetic that aims to inspire home-loving visitors.

Stunning visuals are key to the feel of this site, and here at Winter Design, we know that even small design touches go a long way. Visitors are welcomed with window-width images and slideshows, clean navigation menus, dynamic layouts and subtle colour highlights on mouse-hover.

Curator’s carefully selected products are showcased with the consideration they deserve, in a clean, 3-column layout (on desktop screens). The category-filter function smoothly repositions their place, thanks to the use of isotopic animation.

Click for each product to open into an enticing product overview, with details neatly positioned alongside alternative angle views. A ‘shop now’ button takes visitors to the stockist in a new window, whilst simultaneously keeping them on the site for further browsing.

Curator doesn’t just point their visitors towards the hottest home products, they offer a plethora of useful, interesting, and beautifully curated articles too. Covering architecture, reviews and how-to guides, they’re sure to add value to the user’s experience. HD-friendly images and contemporary font make for a visual treat, too.

Want to get in contact with Curator? Their contact page has a minimal yet effective embedded form, stylistically in keeping with the rest of the site, and responsive across all screen sizes.

Experience Curator now, at