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Fabric are probably the most talked about product brand in the global cycling world. Every product they create has brilliant design innovation woven into its making, and we were fortunate enough to be offered the opportunity to create the website to showcase these products, fabric.cc.

Key features

The main purpose of the website is to showcase the brand’s products, across various product categories. Some of the key features include:

  • Region detection: the website detects the visitor’s location based on their browser preferences and IP Address, and presents region-specific products. The visitor also has the option to choose different regions (for example if they’re browsing the site whilst on holiday in another country).
  • Call-to-action boxes: full-window width call-to-action boxes for striking images with links to key content.
  • Animated product search filters: the ability to filter products on a page by various classifications and taxonomies, which animate upon selection.
  • Revolutionary product detail page: a page design that showcases the detail but isn’t busy, enhanced with fixed-position navigation anchors.
  • Multi-lingual: allowing the client to serve up multiple translations of the site’s content without needing to duplicate anything.

Above, the product overview page.
Below, the product detail page.

Products: the user journey

We created a category overview, allowing visitors to view a visual overview of all product categories. For visitors who like to cut to the chase and find their product quickly, we also included a drop-down menu for all product categories. A benefit of this is less clicks to get to the real detail, which is favoured by both humans and search engines.

The products re-shuffle on the page each time a product filter is selected, resulting in an interactive and engaging user experience. Try it here.

Our own innovation: Media Objects

We created a clever feature called the Media Object. The Media Object allows the editor to place an image on the page with a piece of text next to it (left or right), with an optional subheading, aligned to the vertical centre of the image as demonstrated below:

Powerful hosting

We’re also hosting the site for Fabric. Our managed web hosting confidently delivers reliable and fast-loading content with HTTPS certification, which is ideal for Fabric who have a large and growing global following.

Visit fabric.cc.

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