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Factory Jackson is a mountain biking website that features news stories and product reviews, and was taken over by new editor Andrew Dodd in 2015. Andrew wanted to make a number of changes to the design, layout and functionality of the site, which we took care of.

Fine-tuned responsive layouts

Factory Jackson used an existing WordPress theme that was built during the transition to responsive (‘mobile friendly’) design. The theme that had been created was perforated by a number of design oversights, resulting in the site not being supported as intended by all devices.

One of our responsibilities was to fine-tune the design of the theme to ensure it performed on all devices the way it should. The result is a bulletproof solution, with consideration of all screen sizes.

Factory Jackson Responsive layout

Advertisement slots

One of the revenue streams for Factory Jackson, like many online businesses, is paid for advertising. Factory Jackson’s web pages see tens of thousands of unique visitors each month, which is an attractive opportunity for targeted advertising campaigns. We created three different spaces on the site for incorporating ads into the content, as follows:

  • Full-width, ‘banner’ style ads in the header, with responsive cropping for small screens
  • Sidebar ad carousels for ads in the sidebar of each page
  • Home page ‘feature ads’ for ads woven into the key stories featured on the home page

The ad solutions we created have allowed the client to sell ad space to a variety of hand selected, relevant advertisers.

Resposive web advertising winter design

Fast loading web pages

One of the things we pride ourselves on is clean code. Our web development guru Andy spends hours optimising our client’s sites for speed, and the result is pages that load extremely quickly on all devices. Web pages that load quickly ensure visitors can access the content you’ve spent your time creating, and we’re certain that if your content takes even a few seconds to load, a high proportion of your visitors will leave before waiting for the content to load.

Once optimised for speed, our websites generally achieve a score of over 90/100 with Google Page Speed Test.

Google page speed insight score 100

Retina friendly images

We’re big advocates of responsive design, and we’re also big advocates of images looking crisp on retina screens. The web is still catching up to this concept but it will get there. Essentially screens used to have 72 pixels in every square inch. These days they have many more… Your iPhone, iPad, your MacBook Pro and your iMac all have retina screens, which means they have twice as many pixels in a square inch (144 pixels per inch). What does that mean? It means the images and typography look extremely crisp on them.

Below is an example of non-retina vs retina imagery:

Low resolution images look blurry

Non-retina images with 72 pixels per inch look rough around the edges.


High resolution images look more crisp than low resolution images

Retina images with 144 pixels + per inch look crisp.

And if your images are as good as editor Andrew Dodd’s, below, why wouldn’t you want them to look crisp?

Factory Jackson retina photography

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