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We created the Fallen Furniture website, and it was an absolute privilege to work on. Fallen Furniture create beautiful pieces of furniture from reclaimed aircraft parts – upcycled meets luxury.

The website needed to sing ‘luxury’, and since their products have all been photographed so beautifully we decided to make the images on the site as big as we could… The site displays images in a variety of contexts from full width ‘widescreen’ images to ‘masonry layout’ galleries, live Instagram feeds and some beautiful home page parallax scrolling images. The overall goal was to show the visitor how striking their products are, and we did that.

Social media integration

The site allows for sharing of content via social media, including direct pinning to Pinterest. We incorporated a smart signup form that integrates with MailChimp, allowing visitors to sign up to the Fallen Furniture mailing list. The live Instagram feed on the home page allows visitors to see what’s going on in the workshop without the client having to spend any time updating the website.


Naturally the site is responsive (mobile friendly), and ticks Google’s ‘Mobile Friendly’ boxes, so whether the site is being visited by a desktop or a mobile, it’s going to look excellent. Read our article on mobile friendly – if your website isn’t responsive now you should act quickly to avoid further impact on your ranking…

How the site looks on a smartphone


Product management

This website actually behaves in the same way to an e-commerce website (online shop) but with the facility to take payments removed; the nature of Fallen Furniture’s products mean people can’t order things off the shelf, rather each product detail page has an ‘enquire’ button, shown below.

Enquiry button instead of buy now


When the visitor clicks the ‘Enquire’ button, the form shown below pops up; all they have to do is fill in their details and click ‘Send’. Fallen will then get back to them using the contact details provided.

The pop up, which works on all screen sizes

Enquiry buttons are great when you want to give potential customers an easy, commitment free way of expressing interest in your products or services. Allowing you to go back to them and show them how great your customer service skills are at the same time…

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