Full Factory Suspension website

With 20 years of industry know-how, Full Factory Suspension offer premium servicing for bikes, upgrading riding experiences with their range of suspension forks, shocks and seat posts. However, their base in Bradford on Avon, no matter how pretty, is a little off the beaten track. Their new website is a great way for them to build brand awareness and make their professional mark in the digital sphere. But that’s not all – it provides a platform for their online shop, as well as accommodating customer bookings, too. And with the help of their awesome imagery, combined with our careful attention to detail, it’s visually striking as well as functional.

A window-width slideshow welcomes viewers to the homepage, allowing them to dive straight into a bright, bold and action-packed landscape – perfect for outdoor-loving cyclists. A fixed navigational bar is placed above, which includes a drop-down menu, a basket icon and a search tool, boosting user experience.

Subtle animations on mouse-over are seen throughout the site, enticing clicks and adding interactivity. For instance, scrolling below the fold reveals an overview of services, presented as greyscale images in a neat grid format, which saturate when mouse hovering. Below, featured products gently enlarge when hovering the mouse over them, and pops of eye-catching orange appear.

The e-commerce page is organised into a four-column grid layout on desktops, but behaves responsively to all screen sizes (as does the rest of the site). This means that content is always clear, no matter how or where it’s being viewed. Products are grouped into various categories, which can be filtered with isotope animation, with zero load time, providing a super smooth browsing experience.

Individual product pages feature text that is clearly broken up into easy-on-the-eye chunks, alongside images that zoom in on mouse-over, for a closer look at any intricate details. Quantity can be customised to suit the viewer’s needs and scrolling down, related products are presented.

An about page displays light-box galleries with added captions. Calls-to-action are woven throughout the copy, to create opportunities for customer contact and internal navigation.

The service pages are an especially effective feature for the site – as alongside the copy and the 2-column pricing structure are embedded booking forms. These are tailored specifically to each service on offer. So whether it’s for wheel building, rear shock servicing or something in-between, it’s super easy to turn browsers into customers.

Check out the site in full, at fullfactory.bike.