Joel Bugg website

Sometimes it’s necessary to let your images do the talking, and this is an example of a website we created for a client that does just that.

Joel Bugg is a furniture designer, space planner and interior architect, and his work radiates passion, experience and attention to detail – which have been captured in the images of his work. We designed and built a website with minimalist style and some clever, subtle features added in.

Above: The home page features a full-screen background image with subtly tinted main navigation menu.  The menu includes a sophisticated dropdown menu with a semi-opaque tint, so as not to completely obscure the images. The menu is also fixed in position so that when you scroll, it adopts a solid background colour keeping the links visible and accessible at all times:

Striking, responsive typography

We specialise in responsive websites – this allows us to control the way various elements on the page appear at different screen sizes. In the example below, the page title is large and impactful on desktops but it reduces down appropriately for smaller screens such as smartphones.

Experience the website for yourself at