Mac Donnell architects website


Mac Donnell Ltd is an architectural practice based in Bath, and they appointed us to work with them to create their brand identity and website design.

Designing a website for an architect is a potentially challenging task as you’re working with someone who has their own design sensitivities. In this case it lead to stunning results. The website went live in October 2013, and is a fully search engine optimised, multi device compatible website complete with HD / Retina display friendly graphics.

What does HD / Retina display compatibility mean?

When apple launched the Retina Display in 2011, things changed with web. Historically screens have always been 72 pixels per inch, so naturally web designers created content that was ready for 72 pixels per inch… The Retina display is 144 pixels per inch, so is double the resolution of conventional displays, AKA HD (High Definition). When viewing 72 pixel per inch content on one of these HD displays you’ll see it looks fuzzy or blurred. When Retina came out I made it my goal to create content that is HD / Retina compatible, meaning iPhone users, iPad users, Macbook Pro users and any other HD user will get the user experience they would expect from their device. In fact thanks to my excellent developer we’ve gone the extra mile and adopted a method that will accommodate even higher resolutions than 144 pixels per inch, should these technologies be just around the corner…

Mac Donnell’s website encompasses a fully customised Content Management System built using the WordPress platform, allowing the client to update everything on their site, from images to copy, as well as some menu structures.