Surge Bikes Logo Design

A fresh, fun and contemporary logo was just what Surge Bikes required to get their new business off to a flying start.

The brand name is presented in a contemporary, fun and friendly typeface using a bold italic weight. The characters are tightly spaced, for a neat yet strong and iconic look. In terms of colour, a cool teal contrasts against a classic greyscale for striking juxtaposition.

But great logos go beyond face value and at Winter Design we love to add a meaningful dimension. Surge Bikes specialise in electric bikes, so the incorporated lightning bolt gives a contextual nod whilst channelling the brand’s energetic vibes.

Plus, when it comes to versatility, this logo has no limits. It translates easily across digital, physical and printed uses, whilst always maintaining an impact.

A new website is next on our agenda, but for now, check out the landing page at