Zero to Hero logo & brand design


A collaboration with the one and only Jasper Goodall, this brand has soul. Zero to Hero is a kids sportswear business and they wanted a logo that communicated their desire to provide children with access to sport and activity.

The Zero to Hero logo design needed to be suitable for children aged 0 to 16, so quite a challenge! It also needed to work for both boys and girls, and appeal to parents too.

Using an illustration of a lion was the answer; an animal being friendly and accessible to children, but drawn in a style that could be read as playful for the younger kids or serious for the older kids. The symbol of the lion lends itself perfectly towards the theme of aspiration: the lion is the King of the Jungle – something that all kids and parents know. The lion is a hero.

Jasper produced some stunning illustrations and this one was chosen as the winner.

Thanks to Jasper Goodall: for his excellent illustration work.