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The role of brand consultancy is quite simply to provide a specific solution to a specific problem. This could be designing a new logo; fine-tuning an existing logo; re-defining a brand colour palette or setting the creative direction for various pieces of branded material.

We provide various brand consultancy services, including:

  • Logo design
  • Brand identity design
  • Brand name brainstorming
  • Brand material design
  • Print management
  • Trade-marks

Logo design

We take great pride in our ability to design beautiful, timeless logos. We have extensive knowledge of typography which benefits the brands we design logos for; all typefaces have voices, and it’s essential that your logo’s voice reflects your brand’s values. When we deliver your new logo, it’ll be packaged up in a suite of folders and files ready to use for print and web, in every file format you’ll ever need. Read more about our logo design services here.

Brand identity design

A brand identity is more than just a logo. We’ll define the colour palette and the appropriate typographic direction for your brand, using fonts that are widely available and safe to use on the web. If your brand guidelines are out of date, let us re-create them for you, or if you don’t have any we can create them from scratch.

Brand name brainstorming

Many start-ups struggle with the naming process. We can support you here; being creatives we’re able to think of things you haven’t. We can also help pin down slogans or strap-lines to accompany your brand name.

Brand material design

For one-off pieces of branding material such as an email campaign or brochure, we will design a beautiful solution to your brief. For repeat pieces of brand material we’ll define how they should look, then we’ll create template files and style guides to make creating future versions a simple, straightforward exercise.

Print management

Once we’ve designed your new stationery, brochure or report, we can take care of the printing of it too. We have hand-selected some brilliant print suppliers to ensure high quality results. We pre-flight check all print documents to ensure colours, images, alignment and brand consistency are all as they should be. And yes, it’ll be delivered on time too.

Trade marks

If you want to protect your brand name then a trade mark is a good idea. We can carry out trade mark availability searches at a fraction of the cost of legal firms. We can also file applications for trade marks on your behalf too.

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