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A brand is the visual identity for a business, and the logo is the defining component of most brands. So if it’s time for a new logo design for your business, appoint Winter Design for a considered solution.

Logo design problem solving

Successfully solving a logo design problem is the mark of a good designer. Many designers offer over-thought, over-cooked ideas that just don’t work, and others design logos that have very little aesthetic appeal.

The genius of the FedEx logo

One of the most successful examples of logo design is the FedEx logo, designed by Lindon Leader. Many people aren’t aware of the white arrow hidden between the E and x. Logo design is a subtle art, and the FedEx Logo is a perfect example of this:

Typography in logos

The lettering (typography) is a crucial part of almost all logos, so it’s essential for a designer to have a firm understanding of typography in order to design a successful logo. Our designers are directed by Simon, who has a strong passion for traditional and contemporary typography (including, of course, those suitable for online use). Each typeface has a personality so some will be better suited to certain scenarios than others, and some should be avoided at all costs… Below: the anatomy of a typeface by fontshop.com. In depth consideration of typography can contribute towards good logo design.

Considered typography for logo design

Illustration in logos

Logos can sometimes benefit from an illustrative component in order to further communicate brand values. However this is where ideas really need thought, as illustrations are generally less subtle than typography… An illustration can easily break a logo… The mistake designers often make when creating an illustration for a logo is being too literal. The best logos convey an idea, rather than trying to tell the whole story of the brand.

One of the most iconic examples of logo illustration is the Nike Swoosh which was designed in 1971 by design student Carolyn Davidson, but what does it mean? Those with an imagination could interpret the shape as perhaps ‘dynamic’, or that it might represent ‘speed’, ‘flight’, or ‘motion’. Being abstract, this illustration leaves things up to the imagination of the audience and therefore inspires intellect, rewarding the viewer for considering the meaning of the mark.

Illustration for logo design: The Nike Swoosh

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