Managed web hosting

Reliable and secure hosting of your website and emails.

After we’ve designed and built your new website, we can provide you with an exceptional managed web hosting service to look after it too – using dedicated, UK-based servers. Support is a phone call or an email away, handled by us right here in the UK.

Many websites are badly hosted and this can affect a number of things, including:

  • the time it takes for the website to load;
  • the security of the website, and potentially the security of the business that owns the website;
  • periods of downtime;
  • availability of certain features;
  • and ultimately, the website breaking after a period of time.

We set up Winterhost, our managed web hosting division, back in 2012, in order to provide our clients with a reliable, high-performance hosting service for their websites, which in many cases we will have created for them. We use cloud servers which are UK based, with exceptional reliability and security – the server space provider we use is ISO 27001 certified, which is the international standard for Information Security Management System best practice, and meets the UK Government’s minimum cyber security standard.

Dedicated managed web hosting

The hosting space we provide is dedicated to our clients on an exclusive basis. This means we have a highly consistent and common type of content on the servers; the platform we use is WordPress, and only WordPress; the plugins we use are only those written by our developers, or developers we endorse; and the codebase is all written by us when the websites are built. We can host WordPress websites that we didn’t build, but these will be hosted on a separate server, vetted prior to doing so, and fixed where necessary.

What’s included?

  • Your website published online
  • Updates to WordPress and Plugins
  • Daily backups
  • Brute force login protection
  • Independent site availability checking
  • Daily virus & malware scans
  • Your own personal account manager
  • WordPress comment and contact form spam protection
  • HTTPs Certification
  • Access to professional font libraries
  • Search engine optimisation tools
  • SSL email mailboxes (if required)
  • Google Analytics (dashboard and email report)
  • Performance monitoring & reporting
  • Fine-tuning for security & performance at every level

Find out more about our managed web hosting here.

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