Abbas Marquees website

For over fifteen years, Abbas Marquees have helped clients create party-perfect venues with their beautiful range of structures, furniture and props. Unlike other marquee hire services, they’ll take care of all of the other party planning jobs too, from the caterers to furniture to the DJ. It was therefore essential that their new website was easy to navigate, with the different service areas and structure types clearly presented, each with an all important detail page for positive search engine optimisation.

A stunning window-width hero image welcomes visitors to the homepage. When scrolled, testimonials, awards, striking “snippets” and masonry-style links to cornerstone content are neatly presented, encouraging further browsing.

The about page presents eye-catching images in a 3-column grid, alongside copy written to match the brand’s approachable and friendly tone of voice. Again, a full-width header image is used, a feature used consistently across the site, with an excerpt overlay.

A team page is a great way to showcase the driving force behind any business. The Abbas Marquees team photos are presented in contemporary circular crops, alongside short personal bios and contact details.

From tipis to traditional tents, the ‘our structures’ overview presents imagery in a powerful window width grid. On mouse-over, tailored excerpts and pops of purple appear, consistent with the brand’s colour palette. Clicking takes the visitor to further information pages bursting with inspiring content and showing the structures in action.

Alongside a whole events management service, they also have a wide catalogue of items and furniture to hire too. These are presented in an easily browsable catalogue in the ‘items to hire’ pages.

A blog is a great addition to the site, from top honeymoon ideas to tips and tricks for the big day, posts are inspiring, entertaining and useful, with the bonus of boosting the website’s SEO. As with all of our sites, the build is fully responsive for a consistently engaging experience across all devices.

To boost the site’s SEO further, a wide range of landing pages have been created especially for the site. These weave keywords throughout text in a way that ensures the right audience is reached. Beautiful imagery jumps out of the page, with pop-up lightbox galleries used throughout.

On scrolling, the viewer is presented with specially designed snippets, which incorporate copy and striking iconography. These are great for highlighting key selling points quickly and clearly and can be found throughout the site.

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