Nash Partnership website

Nash Partnership, based in Bath and Bristol, needed a new website to better reflect their brand and service offering, so we designed and built a clean and elegant solution to do just that.

Drone footage on loop

The home page features a full screen video section, containing drone footage of one of their projects next to the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol. Gone are the days of internet connections being too slow to support video in websites; we actively encourage our clients to incorporate moving image into their websites.

Fixed navigation bar

The main navigation menu is fixed in position without consuming too much depth on the screen. This allows the visitor to scroll through the content but still access the menu, without needing to scroll back up to the top of the page. The main navigation menu also incorporates a contemporary dropdown menu, allowing content to be nested within top-level menu links. The benefit of this is to reduce the number of clicks required by the visitor to access the content they want to read. This also contributes positively towards search engine indexing.

Variable crop projects page layout

The projects section (Our Work) displays the client’s broad portfolio of work, from the James Purdey & Sons factory and test facility in West London to The American Museum in Bath. The projects overview layout needed to be striking so we decided to incorporate a variable crop ‘masonry’ style layout.

Meet the team

The client wanted to present the members of the team in random order, suggesting their forward thinking and anti ‘top down’ approach. Each profile picture can be clicked or tapped to reveal their biography.

Full width images

We’re advocates of full width imagery; where images are allowed to extend to the very edge of the screen or window. This results in a striking and dynamic visual, and totally celebrates what can be achieved with responsive web design.

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