Nature Picture Library website

A specialist photo agency based in Bristol, Nature Picture Library offers a jaw-dropping range of wildlife imagery, from the very best photographers and videographers worldwide.

With a visual portfolio of over 500,000 items, their image library is a gold mine for all kinds of editorial, promotional and merchandising purposes. They even supply a printing service too. We were delighted to be involved with the designing and implementation of fundamental aspects of the site. This included the blog, the navigation, the all-important search tool and the major first impression – the homepage.

To set the scene, visitors are welcomed with a stunning full screen hero slideshow complete with captions, photo credits and links to buy. The selection presented demonstrates the huge variety of content on offer – from compelling sealife imagery and majestic herds of deer to macro images of frogs! Whilst the slideshow animates automatically, users have the option to flick through manually, using the slideshow control arrows.

The Nature Picture Library isn’t just an image library though, they have a strong environmental agenda too. It was important to highlight this ethos and the key company values of wildlife conservation, right at the start of the visitor’s journey. Scrolling past the main cornerstone links the environmental links and projects supported are featured just above the footer.

Navigation is kept logical and user-friendly thanks to the fixed navigation bar with stacked drop-down menus. The navigation collapses neatly into a hamburger menu on smaller screens. An embedded search bar is presented across the homepage sideshow and all header images, encouraging users to immediately delve in and discover images. Alongside the search bar, visitors are able to filter by ‘images’, ‘footage’, or ‘all’, before being taken to the search results page.

Nature Picture Library publishes a beautifully curated blog, bursting with interesting videos, news and information to inspire and educate visitors. A category menu exclusively for blog content offers easy navigation. Posts are presented in a 3-column layout, opening into full article pages. Here, visitors can enjoy considered copy, internal links to related content, lightbox imagery with subtly animated collapsible captions, options to share on social media, and, of course, stunning images and videos.

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